Bead Kumihimo Bracelet - New Technique

Posted by Laura Miller on

I love most everything when it comes to beading, I first heard the term kumihimo a few years ago, and was curious so checked into it, wasn't really what I felt I could do so just passed on it.

Then a few months ago, really needed a change with my beading skills, so re-investigated this kumihimo braiding thing. Watched countless videos, read articles, all the good stuff and finally decided it was time to give it a try so I bought several kits.

I am now totally addicted to this technique of braiding and having a blast learning more ways to use this skill in my work and my brand.

I invite you to check out some of my new creations, and do hit that keep updated on the left, so you know when I will be doing more!

Kumihimo Bracelets


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